Convoluted Universe Two


Convoluted Universe Two.  More Mind-Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts

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Convoluted Universe Two by Dolores Cannon

BOOK TWO OF THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE SERIES More Mind-Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts

Convoluted Universe Two * Hidden Underground Cities * Energy and Creator Beings * Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions * Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth * Characteristics of the New Earth * The Universal Language of Symbols

* Splinters and Facets of the Soul * Life on Other Planets Table of Contents Section 1: Benefits of Past Life Therapy 1. My Beginning in Hypnosis 2. Normal Past Life Therapy Section 2: Ancient Knowledge and Lost Civilizations 3. The Cat People (A Different Sphinx) 4. The Goddess Isis 5. The Hidden City 6. Escape From Atlantis 7. Ancient Knowledge 8. Taken to Safety Section 3: Advanced Beings and Karma 9. Children Create Karma 10. Life in Non-Human Bodies 11. Stranger to Earth 12. Work During the Sleep State 13. The First of the Seven 14. Advanced Beings Section 4: The Wise People 15. Remembering the Wise One 16. Searching for the Wise One Section 5: Other Planets 17.

Life on Other Planets 18. The Planet with the Purple Sun Section 6: Time Portals 19. Guardian of the Portal 20. The Aborigine 21. Time Portals for Future Beings Section 7: Energy Beings and Creator Beings 22. Mysteries 23. Another Energy Being 24. If You Think, You Create 25. An Energy Being Creates 26. A Creator Being Returns Home Section 8: Stepping Off the Deep End 27. The Dreamer Dreams the Dream 28. A Different Alternative to Walk-Ins 29. The Multi-Faceted Soul 30. The New Earth 31. Finale

Based on 29 Reviews

Wonderful store with amazing products. I buy one of every full moon energy spray, when Sue makes them up. I use them in my reiki sessions with cleints, who absolutely love them. Sue is generous with her knowledge, very ethical and I highly recommed her store.

monika cutri

The scent of candles is magical, and the array of crystals and books, fabulous. I took a weekend healing course on site, which has changed my life. Owner Sue, is so invested in her clientele's wellbeing and such a beautiful person to book your healings with. Genuinely and highly recommended.

Zanene Martini

This is just like a lolly shop of crystals. - full of bursting colour. Am not usually a crystal person but I make an exception here - such a visually pleasing display. Sue is as generous with her time as she is with her warm spirit. A gem of a place - highly recommend!

Listia Astuti

Amazing shop for all your spiritual needs, the crystals are so beautiful and the best part of this place is the owner, Sue, such a beautiful soul❤️✨

I love this place, it's crystal heaven. I have never seen so many beautiful crystals in one place. When I have to buy presents this is where I am coming. The only problem is which ones to buy, love this place so much.

I love the Devine candles that are beautifully packaged. They’re long burning and the only problem is choosing the scent they’re all so 🥰 lovely. I choose ones that promote clarity, I can’t wait to try sage next time! So beautifully packaged they’d make great presents.

Laura Bishop

Beautiful shop, beautiful owner, always exciting new stock to choose from. I go back again and again.

Sue McIver

A beautiful shop that I was drawn to, while passing by, which was good intuition, I had a lovely chat with Sue who was very helpful,great customer service & I love my new singing bowl!

Aoife Doyle

Absolutely amazing products, energy and experiences! Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and emanates a warm, welcoming vibe. It is wonderful being able to access such a wide selection of ethically sourced stones and other spiritual goodies. Could not recommend Scented Naturally more!

Nikki Strigg

Sue a very nice person the shop is so nice and carming and positive would recommend anyone to this store

Lisa McLean

Such a gorgeous place run by a woman with a gentle and calm presence. I feel so welcomed every time I visit and I love (and want!) all of the products!


Sue is a great mentor & friend, the shop has a large variety of books, cards, crystals and metaphysical items.

Alex White

Always a pleasure. Calm and well spaced store in new location.

Lisa Kathleen

I had the pleasure of meeting sue last Friday. I was running late and she stayed open an extra 20 mins for me. Her energy was incredible and made the shop a very special place! Her knowledge and willingness to help was incredible. Thank you so much as promised I will be back!


I visited Scented Naturally over the weekend with my partner and we were amazed by the stores aesthetics and welcoming aura. I felt like I was led here to meet Sue and her beautiful store in a time of need, which made the experience even more lovely. She was so accommodating with my needs and had such a kind nature. Her beautiful wide range of handmade candles are a delight and such a vast selection of crystals, skin products, jewellery, tarot/oracle cards and loads more! The three candles Angelic Whispers, Blackcurrant & Nectarine and Dragons Blood have given our place an alluring scent. I definitely recommend her wonderful store and can’t wait to experience more of Scented Naturally’s products! 💫

Elise Brennan

Sue and the team at Scented Naturally make you feel immediately at home in store and provide personalized service and care. From crystals, candles and oils to readings, healings and mentoring, Scented Naturally is by far the best to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Bridget Dennis

Sue went absolutely above and beyond and hand made me some beautiful mala beads! She listened carefully to what I wanted, sourced all the beads and poured a whole lotta love into the whole process! I am so appreciative and I highly recommend her wonderful shop.


Beautiful store and fantastic owner. My wife felt amazing and really enjoyed her visit.

Had such a lovely experience in store today. I can not wait to come back. Thank you.

Kate Verdon

A place of peace while still being a shop. Sue is perfect, not forcing herself on you, knowledgeable, and ready if you choose to purchase. I feel such warmth from her and thus shop. Thank you Sue

Scented naturally is my go-to specialist crystal store, Reiki is incredible and the general atmosphere is uplifting. Highly recommend!

Fantastic place, great selection for all things wellness including different therapies by different types of healers. Fantastic selection of crystals and geodes for healing or just interests as well as scented candles.

Imogen Rolfe

Fantastic selection of crystals, and hand made aromatherapy candles perfect for gifts or for the home. Also offer tarot readings and holistic practices.